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The Plow Brewing Company story started way back in the early nineties when our founder, Kevin Robinson, started brewing in his kitchen.  In 2003, Kevin decided to go pro and attended the Master Brewers program at UC Davis.  Loaded with a whole lot of book smarts, Kevin became a brewer at Lagunitas Brewing in Petaluma.  In 2005, Kevin left Lagunitas to become the head brewer at Speakeasy Ales & Lagers in San Francisco.  In 2008, Kevin left the barley fermentation business and found himself in the cellar at a winery in St. Helena attempting to learn the way of the grape.  Despite the exquisite feeling of squishing grapes with his toes, Kevin's passion was still brewing beer.  As a result, Kevin returned to brewing in 2010 as a brewer with Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa.  By the end of 2013, Kevin finally felt that he had the street smarts to match the book smarts and started to build the brewery from the ground up.  A year and a half later, on April 10th 2015, Plow Brewing Company was opened for business.

What gets us out of bed

We love phenomenal beer.  We are not ones to follow the trend or make beer for the  masses.  We make beer for us. We don't use any extracts, infusions, fake flavoring (a.k.a. natural flavors), or bulk chemicals as ingredients.  We also don't use any finings of any kind.  A huge laundry list of corporate contrived B.S. could be listed here as finings, but just know we don't use any of it.  For our plant loving friends this means that all of our beers are vegetarian and vegan friendly.  

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