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As promised all of our beers are completely B.S. free.  This means we don't use any extracts, natural/fake flavorings, or any other garbage.  We make beer for a select few that actually enjoy drinking beer!
Sonoma Coast PILS

A classic European pils infused with a Californian vibe.  American malted barley, European hops, and Sonoma County water is used to create this full flavored lager.


Alc. 5.1% // IBUs 30.06

Steel Share IPA

A classically hopped and balanced IPA.  With most breweries trying to out fruit each other in their IPA's.  We yearned for a beer with great hop flavor that would not obliterate our palate. We created this beer for us.  We hope you like it too.  If not, that leaves more for us!


Alc. 6.5 % // IBUs 51.50


What's with the IIPA?  We pride ourselves in not following a trend or generally letting anyone tell us what to do.  While some would call it a double, we savor the OX as an Imperial India Pale Ale.  The OX IIPA is aggressively hopped with Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, and Mosaic hops.


Alc. 8.0% // IBUs 81.10

Scythe Imperial Porter

One word ... smooth.  Many more words ... dark, velvety, chocolate, damn this is good.  are just a few of the words we've heard friends use to describe this beer.  To that, we say thank you!


Alc. 10.0% // IBUs 42.80


We have several beers that come and go seasonally


Alc. ?% // IBUs ?

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