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Welcome to the Plow Brewing Company webpage.  If you are looking for the Iron Ox Brewing Company website then click         .  If you are confused as to what happened to Plow Brewing Company, then keep reading.  If you are looking for the store, then click the order online button on the top right corner and it will take you to the Iron Ox Brewing Company store.  If you are looking for the answer to life then, of course, the answer is 42.  Anyway, back to our story.  A long and winding road has led our brewery through many trials and tribulations.  This path has included everything from wildfires to a global pandemic.  A path that began as a sole proprietorship has turned into a partnership.  As struggle can create strength, uncertainty can lead to change.  Vince Ferracuti and Kevin Robinson have partnered to create Iron Ox Brewing Company.  The new name is a representation of that partnership.  Vince is the Iron and Kevin is the Ox.  Plow Brewing Company is not gone.  Rather, it has undergone a metamorphosis into a stronger form.  All of Plow Brewing Company beers will remain unchanged, at the same time we will create many new ones.  Please feel free to stop by and ask us WTF!!! in person.  We are very excited about our future and look forward to sharing a beer with you soon. 


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